Valentine’s Day Candy Card!

I just love when I have the opportunity to create something and this Valentine’s day candy card was not different. My little one had to take Valentine’s day cards to exchange among her classmates at school. I decided to create something unique instead of getting a ready made package of cards and treats from a store. So this is what I came up with: a Valentine’s day candy card! If you liked the idea, please feel free to download the card file in the link below.

Just remember a few things before you start printing your own:

  • Use  8.5″ x 11″ of a card stock paper to make 4 cards
  • The file has two pages, a front art and a back art. The front art is to be printed on one side of the paper and the back art is to be printed on the back side of the same paper with the front card art previously printed
  • Make sure you know how your printer works, so you can place correctly the paper in order to print the back side with the back art file. Like this you will have on the same paper, two printed arts: the front art on one side and the back art on the other
  • On the PDF document you will notice a light gray dashed line around each art in the front part of the card, these lines are cutting lines
  • In order to cut the cards you can use scissors, but I used a 12″ metal ruler, a heavy duty utility knife and a cutting board
  • It’s easier to cut your cards after they are painted front and back and fully dry

After printing, letting the paper fully dry and cutting, you will have a card with a front, to place the candy and a back, to sign and write the recipient’s name. For the candy I made strawberry brigadeiro. I followed this amazing recipe from Chelsea’s Messy Apron and it is totally worth a try, she named them spring brigadeiro and many of her readers like the recipe for Easter!

To place these yammy candy on the card, you will need some mini cupcake liners and 2 fl oz plastic transparent containers with lids.

You will need to glue the bottom of the container in the middle of the front of the card. To secure it well I used hot glue. But before you glue on the bottom of the container, make sure you first sign all the cards, it’s a lot easier this way!


I hope you enjoy making this project for someone sweet to you! Happy Valentine’s! 🙂

Download: Valentine’s Day Candy Card


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