Christmas Cookies

Ok, I know this is way overdue, but I thought I should share this in a post anyway as an idea for next Christmas or even adapted to a Valentine’s day treat. Just need to adapt the theme and done!

This winter I made a delicious slow cooker creamy mushroom soup and I used a lot of, hum, mushrooms! All of them went to my soup recipe and I was left with a couple of these blue plastic containers that I did not want to discard. Ops, just revealed my secret, I love to repurpose most everything, and that includes packaging. This particular container is made with a sturdy plastic, I kept the ones that came with the mushrooms because I thought I could use them to organize my daughter’s craft supplies. But then, as I was baking the chocolate chip cookies, I had the idea to use them as baskets instead of making ones out of paper plates based on the neat idea I found on the website

Luckly I had this lovely sparkly blue snowman gift paper wrap that I bought specially for my little girl at the Dollar Tree store. Bela loves blue and everything that is sparkly! 🙂 Wow, this paper was perfect for the blue container, I couldn’t believe it. Made me happy. Ok, so I gave all the mushroom containers a good wash and let them dry really well.

I then cut a strip of this gorgeous wrapping paper and glued around each container. I also made some gift tags cutting the snowman. I glued to a piece of white poster board I had so the tag had more body. As a finishing touch, I rounded all the tag corners and punched a hole on the top. I have to say, I was happy how it all turned out, and even happier that I did not have to spend a dime more for this project, I used everything I already had home!

I baked delicious chocolate chip cookies and also made a batch of store bought wafer chocolate cookies that I dipped into milk chocolate and sprinkled Christmas colored sprinkles. I made these same cookies for the school Christmas concert at my daughter’s school. The only difference  was the chocolate, for the cookies I sent to her concert, I used white chocolate. I melted and dipped each wafer cookie in it, then sprinkled these white, red and green sprinkles. I still had 2 packages of chocolate wafer cookies left, the Christmas sprinkles and milk chocolate, all the white one was done! I found the idea for these dipped cookies on the website  

After all the goodies were done and cool, it was time to fill up the little baskets! I did put some white tissue paper, which I also already had home, in the containers to cushion the cookies. To wrap everything up, I covered each basket in gallon freezer bags, closed the zip, put a nice bow, added the tag and placed with the cookies, a cube package of tissue paper. Done! This was all made with love to show my lovely neighbors how much we appreciate them.


I hope you enjoyed this post. See you next time!


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