Not a cake pop!


Hello! Today I am going to share with you this alternative to cake pops that will certainly make any kid (or adult) open a big smile. It’s a good treat for any celebration and very popular in birthday parties in Brazil. It is not difficult to make and the result is amazing, I promise.

I call it butter biscuit pop filled with milk caramel and covered with milk chocolate and chocolate sprinkles. The beauty of this treat is that you can vary the filling and the outside cover and decoration! There are several possibilities that you can try. Make sure you share with me your version of this biscuit pop, I’d love to see them.

Here is what you will need for this mouth watering pop:

Butter Biscuit

This is the traditional Spanish butter biscuit called Maria Biscuit largely found in Hispanic countries, Portugal and Brazil. It’s a staple in our homes and I was happy to find them in the Spanish food isle in common supermarkets in the USA. It is very important to use this type of biscuit because it has the perfect crunchiness to this wonderful treat as well as it  greatly holds the filling and it’s sturdy to handle the melted chocolate on top. So, 1 package of this butter biscuit makes 16 pops, because to make 1 pop you need to sandwich 2 biscuits with the milk caramel filling in between. Another good filling for this delicious biscuit pop is brigadeiro, check out the recipe here from an earlier post. If you find other shaped butter biscuit or other fillings and decorations, please share on the comment session below.

Milk Caramel


Hum! I just loooove this! There are many ways to make this milk caramel, some are delicious but extremely time consuming. I will teach you how to make your own in a very easy and effortless way that guarantees perfection every time, at least I never had any issue.  For this you will need a good quality condensed milk in a can*, I like to use the Nestle Carnation, and a pressure cooker, mine is electrical, very safe and easy to use.

Before you cook your condensed milk, remember to never open the can, remove the paper label and as much of the glue residue as possible. To remove the glue, you can submerge the can into hot water for a few minutes to melt the glue, that makes it is easier to get it off.

Total time: 1 h 

Prep: 5 min   |   Cook: 40 min   |   Yield: about 16 table spoons  |   Level: easy

You will need:

  • 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk without its label
  • 1 pressure cooker (electric or not)


  1. Place the closed condensed milk can without label inside the pressure cooker pan.
  2. Put water inside the pressure cooker pan until it completely covers the can, this is very important. The can needs to be completely submerged in water.
  3. Close the pressure cooker tightly with its lid and make sure the nozzle is positioned on pressure.
  4. Turn the electric pressure cooker on to high pressure for 35 to 40 min and let it cook. For the non-electric pressure cooker, you need to start counting the cooking time after the pan has achieved the pressure to cook.
  5. After it is done cooking, let the pressure out completely before opening the pressure cooker’s lid.
  6. You must let the can cool down to room temperature before opening it, skipping this step may be dangerous. Not only the caramel is extremely hot, but due to the pressure, if you open the can under this condition will cause the caramel to “explode” and can burn you.
  7. Using canning tongs and oven mittens, take the hot can from the pressure cooker and place it in the sink or large bowl full of cold water and ice, this will speed the cooling process.
  8. When the can is completely cold, open with a can opener and enjoy your wonderful milk caramel. I like to put the caramel in a bowl and stir with a spoon so it softens for an easy spread.
  9. You can use this caramel in many different recipes. I will be posting many options for you, so keep coming back!

*food-can1-jpgeb283d9f-de7c-4453-a1ce-7a02f4db6d87largefor this recipe, avoid the condensed milk can that has the easy open on top because some are made with a thin metal and may not hold the pressure.

Print:Milk Caramel Recipe

Popsicle Wood Sticks

You will need wood Popsicle sticks for these biscuit pops just because they provide more stability since these are larger than cake pops and a little bit heavier. I ended up using these thicker ones because I did not fine the other type when I went to buy it. Keep in mind that for every package of Maria butter biscuit and 14oz can of condensed milk to make the milk caramel, you can make 16 biscuit pops. Ah, don’t forget to wrap the final pops on a 4×4 inch cellophane candy bag tied with a ribbon or twist ties.

Milk Chocolate Melts

I found this chocolate that makes melting and making pops so easy. It comes with a microwave safe tray that keeps the melted chocolate ready to be used. The taste is really good too, everybody who ate the pops only had good things to say! This tray also has the perfect amount to fully cover up all the 16 pops leaving just a little bit of a left over. From this brand, I found the vanilla flavored white chocolate which I think could be a good option, specially if the biscuit pop filling is brigadeiro! I will definitely try that and come back here to write all about it and show the results  :).

Chocolate Sprinkles

This last item on your shopping list is entirely optional. You can leave your biscuit pops without it or decorate with something else such as colored sprinkles or ones with different shapes, colored candy melts or even drawings made out of fondant! Possibilities are endless.

Here are some examples from the Brazilian website



After you have gathered all the items listed above, and your milk caramel on room temperature, it’s time to assemble the biscuit pops and decorate them!

Prep: 5 min   |   Assembly: 35 min   |   Yield: about 16 pops  |   Level: moderate

You will need:

  • 1 package of Goya Maria biscuits
  • 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk made into caramel (see steps above)
  • Popsicle woods sticks
  • Milk chocolate melts (of your preference)
  • Chocolate sprinkles (optional)
  • 4×4 inch cellophane candy bag
  • Ribbon or twist ties


  1. Open the package of Maria biscuit and put them in a bowl or plate so you can easily grab them to form the pops.
  2. Put the condensed milk caramel in a bowl and gently stir with a spoon to soften for easy spread.
  3. Place the Popsicle sticks on a plate, also for easy access to form the biscuit pops.
  4. Grab 1 Maria biscuit and, with a butter knife, spread the amount of about 1 table spoon of milk caramel. Flatten the caramel on the biscuit as much as you can for an even filling.
  5. Place a Popsicle stick in the middle of the biscuit with the filling, letting abut 3,5″ sticking out from the center, so the pop can be comfortably held.
  6. Place another biscuit on top of the first one with the caramel and Popsicle to for a “sandwich” of biscuit, caramel, Popsicle and biscuit.
  7. Squeeze gently both biscuits with the filling and Popsicle, so the filling is even. At this point you may see parts of the filling come out from this “sandwich” and you will need to smooth that out through the edge. This is very important for finishing purposes. It will look a lot cleaner and more well done if this step is not skipped.
  8. Prepare all the pops before starting to cover them with melted chocolate. If there is any broken biscuit, you can use them because the pieces will adhere to the caramel. Just remember to flatten the melted chocolate on that area with care so they don’t move or fall.
  9. Follow the melting instructions on your choice of chocolate melt and begin to cover each pop. Please, don’t dip this pop into the melted chocolate. Instead, use a spoon to gently cover the pop. Make sure to remove the chocolate access with the back of the spoon. The biscuits need to be completely covered and result should be a smooth chocolate cover.
  10. Immediately after covering the pop with melted chocolate, sprinkle the sprinkles on both sides. Remember not to dip the pop in the sprinkles but rather, pinching a portion with your fingers or grabbing with a spoon, which I prefer.
  11. Lay down the pop on a flat surface covered with parchment paper of plastic film. Before starting the assembly, I actually wrapped my rectangular cookie pan with plastic film. It worked just fine.
  12. Repeat the process until all your pops are covered with chocolate and decorated. Let the chocolate cover harden before you can wrap the biscuit pops.
  13. Since I made these biscuit pops for a school function for my daughter, I prepared soccer ball stickers and glued them outside of the cellophane candy wrapper.

Images from:

Print: Biscuit Pop Recipe

I really hope you have enjoyed this post. Come back and share with me your thoughts, ideas, doubts. Let me know how I can improve this blog. See you around for more!


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