Crayon Discs

This was such a fun project and my 4-year-old girl loved! So, it was time for my daughter to be the star student this week in her 4K class and her teacher encouraged her to bring a show and tell everyday throughout the whole week while she was the star student. I found it was a good opportunity for her to tell her friends and teacher about Brazil, where she lived during the first four years of her life. She showed pictures of her Brazilian family and friends, she took some of her favorite books in Portuguese and “read” them in English to her friends and gave everybody some treats that I will write in more details on a follow up post with recipe :).

I came up with this idea after remembering a post I had seen a while ago about bringing broken pieces of crayon to life again, by putting them in a mini cake tin with fun shapes and melting them in the oven. You can see more in this site:  

Well, I didn’t have fun shaped mini cake tins, so I used the mini muffin tins I had on hand and lined them with mini cupcake paper cups, which I had left overs from the brigadeiro  I had made weeks prior. I chose to use paper liners because I didn’t have a lot of time on my hands and I didn’t want to ruin my mini muffin tins, since I use them for baking. For this crayon project, I used the Brazilian flag colors: green, gold (yellow) and blue, because the white was already on the paper. I found it to be a fun way for my little girl and her classmates to experience this cultural exchange and my daughter was able to actively participate in the creation of this activity.

To complete the project, I printed out a picture with an iconic Brazilian cartoon character, Monica, holding the Brazilian flag and I wrote in cartoonish type, the description of the flag colors. The result is the one you see below.


This was a fun, simple and great project to develop and I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. Leave your comment and I hope you keep coming back for more!



7 thoughts on “Crayon Discs

  1. Elisa says:

    I loved the idea, you are so creative and I am very proud of you.
    Querida afilhada, você é incrível, sua criatividade me encanta e emociona, mil beijos para você e sua princesinha. Saudades, Madi.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Julianna says:

    Continue usando e abusando da sua criatividade que em breve você ganhará o mundo.
    Você transborda talento.
    Adoro suas ideias!
    Muito sucesso pra você.

    Liked by 1 person

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